Information about the remote therapy

The steps to follow when therapy starts:

At the time agreed with the therapist the patient will lay down on a bed or couch (wherever he feels comfortable), disconnects all electronic devices including the phone to avoid any disturbances. With their eyes closed and in a state of relaxation he notices the various sensations and messages of his body.

During the treatment they may feel tingling, heat or coldness, hear sounds coming from the stomach, hiccup, sneeze, may feel like yawning, laughing, crying (emotional), or even fall asleep. These are all releases of the body and the patient should not hold them but let their body freely manifest itself so that the balance is reached and the body gets back to health.

After the session the patient should continue following his body releases and eventually inform the therapist about them. The body will continue using the received energy for a few days after the therapy. This means that the body releases may last and can be felt for a few days after the session.