Quantum Touch

Quantum touch is an alternative healing method that works with the universal energy. It is an effective method in alleviating pain (e.g. back pain, abdominal or muscular problems); it brings your whole body into balance and harmony.

The Quantum Touch method was discovered by Richard Gordon in the 70’s when he had the opportunity to meet an exceptional person, Robert Rasmussen, who had the extraordinary ability of healing with his hands. Richard Gordon was so amazed that he asked Robert to teach him his method.

Since that day on, Richard Gordon became interested in how universal energy, also called “Chi”, can help in curing various health problems. Over the past 32 years, he practiced Rasmussen’s technique and improved it to healing and release the body of physical pain.

Over the years he found that the energy influences the patient’s condition even though they might be located on the other side of the world. Thus, the distance between the therapist and the patient “disappears”, it is not an obstacle in releasing the physical pain. Noticing this, he developed several variants of the method in order to use the Quantum Touch technique at any time and distance. In practice, he noticed that during therapy the patient feels much more relaxed if he’s in a home environment instead of being treated in a clinic.

* The Quantum Touch Technique does not treat nor cure specific diseases but is based on the natural ability and intelligence of the body to heal itself, and the results may vary according to each person’s will to be cured.

You can find more information by reading the book of Richard Gordon “The power to heal” and on: